I’ve been in the web and mobile app development business for over 15 years and the Growth Driven Design process works.

It’s not only to great to speed up a large website or product projects but it turns your business website into a dynamic marketing tool rather than a flat brochure.

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider a Growth Driven Design agency for your next website redesign project.


Clarity.  Defined Customer Personas


Definition of your customer persona provides clarity on what really is a value to your targeted customers.

When coming up with your dream feature list, always ask Does this benefit my Customer Persona?  If so, how much?

That will give you an idea of how to prioritize.


Top 3 advantages using the GDD process:


Quick.  LaunchPad Site

Using the 80/20 rule you decide what features to implement as part of the launchpad site.

This gets a new site up and running quickly that provides more value than the original site.

After launchpad, you can use analytics to ensure your theories on what consumers fine valuable were correct or adjust based on test results.


Dynamic.  Website is a Dynamic Sales Asset vs. a Flat Brochure


After Launchpad, the continuous improvement cycle begins with iterative releases of content and features.

Each release allows you to watch analytics and determine feature priority based on real data analysis rather than guesses.

Your site is now an evolving entity providing more and more value for your consumer personas with every release.

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