How to Start Consulting Business in 10 Steps

Sandy McConville

Consulting Business Owner

On Quora, l recently answered a question “How to start a consulting business“.     Since, How to start a consulting business is such a great question, it deserves a more in-depth answer than I had at the time I answered  it on Quora.  So I decided to expand on it here on BizzeBees.

A little background on me.   I’ve started a few consulting companies such as BizzeBees and Fintech Strategies, and I’ve also worked many starts-ups businesses, Financial Institutions and Fortune 500 companies providing principal consulting services in my own consulting business that I started and marketed myself.  Let’s get started with the steps to start a consulting business.

035 Start a Consulting Business 10 Steps
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1. Define your Target Customer Persona

Strange right?  Well this step is a key step in how your consulting business will succeed it provides laser focus on solutions for your targeted customer in everything that you do.

What type of customers are you targeting?  Where are they located? What problem do you solve for that specific customer type?

Once this is determined, you can always ask yourself what value will this provide my customer and what will my customer gain from this?

 It’s the first step in your brand, your marketing message and your sales pitch.

Download our template for creating a customer profile

 Start a Consulting Business 10 Steps
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2. Define your Sevices

Define your consulting business Services, Metrics and Proven Results

Describe how your service will provide value for your potential customers. Granted, this may not be consulting clients since you are just starting, but

how have you helped other businesses with the solutions that you offer?   Write that down as a service.

Metrics – Define how you will meaure progress  on a consulting engagement.

Write a case study with Proven Results or provide examples of past work.

3.  Name your new Consulting Business.

Check your states department of treasury to ensure the name is available.  Look for a good domain name and research availability of soical media account names.

4. Open an LLC or Corporation.

It’s easy to register yourself for an LLC or corporation with your state’s treasury dept. There are services to do this for you, but you can do it way less expensive and it’s easy to do. For example:   Getting Registered as an LLC in NJ.   Speak with an account for advice.

5. Apply for a Federal EIN

It’s needed to open a business checking or to hire employees.  Apply for a Federal Employee ID (EIN) after your LLC or Corporation is set up.

6. Consulting Proposals

Come up with a great consulting business proposal format that will wow your potential client.

7.  Contracts

Create a standard consulting business contract for your consulting business assignments.   You can use a service like Rocket Lawyer or search the web for some consulting business agreements, theres’s a ton out there.

8. Launch a Professional Website

Launch a professional website with blog.  Blog content will be a key way to spread the word about your consulting business on social media and in search engines.

9.  Set up Business Social Media Accounts

Create accounts on Google Business, Google +, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and invite your network to like the pages.

The highlighted social media accounts above are what I have noticed generate a lot of leads.

Follow your consulting business industry influencers and establish an active presence on social media where your targeted customer persona spends their time.


10. Use your network

Friends, family, and past colleagues will be invaluable to you when starting your consulting business.

Create new networks by leveraging social media, checking with your local chamber of commerce and attending meet ups that fit your targeted customer personas.

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